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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 12, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it'sfriday, october 12th, 2012. four more games this season. one will determine if this season lives or dies. tonight, washington will take the field in the do or die against the cardinals. it comes after one of the most dramatic nights fans have ever seen. melissa mollet is live from the nats parks. fans said we can win this thing. tonight, they can back those
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words up. >> reporter: absolutely. everybody says no doubt the nats are going to win. take a look at the line behind me. it opened at 10:00. 400 people, by our account. they will not say how many tickets are left, but there are no standing room only tickets. no standing room only tickets left. the cheapest at $315 each. they are sure they will all be gone before the game. as the sunrises over nats stadium, the start of a perfect day. it's too bad. these nats fans are sick. >> my head hurts so much. >> my stomach hurts. i have been sweating. >> reporter: let me diagnose you, nats fever. feel what the nats are doing for our city right now, they are energizing, invigorating. playing hard, making us proud. >> it's been amazing. the energy here in d.c. is
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electric. people with nats hats on everywhere. it's great to be part of something as exciting as this. >>reporter: these die hards spent the night camped out in chairs staying warm in their cars or bundled up in fear of losing their sacred spot in line. >> you get the fleece and tie the ends. it keeps me warm when i'm waiting. >> reporter: they are counting down the minutes waiting for the box office to open for a shot at any available seat. todd andersson isn't decked out in nats gear. he's on his way to work. >> i'm looking forward to another great night. >> reporter: a great night like last night. we held our braet waiting, hoping, hoping, hoping it ended up being the swing that saved the nationals season. >> the stars aligned for us.
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everything came in order. it was the ninth inning. the tenth month, the 11thday. year 12 and the 13th pitch. something had to happen. >> reporter: now that they have their tickets in hand, hopefully these fans are feeling well enough to sit or stand through tonight's game. >> i feel great. >> i feel so much better. all healed now. >> reporter: thank goodness they are well enough to go to the game tonight. guys, if you happen to be in the market for a car, forget the car, you can buy tickets to the nats game. there's a ticket for $10,000. not so sure if people are going to buy that one. melissa mollet, news 4, back to you. >> a win looks just as good on tv. thanks for stopping by. good luck. >> that home run is the talk of the town. the biggest in nats history. when jason werth signed that
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deal people wondered was it too much? my answer, absolutely. last night proved he's one of those players. >> that's what it's all about. it'shat you play all season for, you work out all winlter for and get to spring training early for. we have a chance tomorrow to take that next step. i know my teammates will be ready and the city will, too. >> game five is tonight. nats, gonzalez led them in wins. we need one more this evening. a rematch against adam wainwright. first pitch, 8:37. the winner moves on to meet san francisco in the championship series. >> baltimore's hopes of a world series are alive. the orioles overcame a heart breaking loss on wednesday to earn their own extra innings. j.j. harding knocked in a winning run in the 13th.
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the pitching staff held on to the lead for the 2-1 victory. game five for the 0s and yankees tonight. first pitch at yankee's stadium is 5:07. winner moves on to meet detroit in the series. we have good weather to play tonight. >> yes, we do. will it hold up for the games? >> storm team 4 meteorologist, veronica johnson. i heard you earlier on the morning show, you were singing out there. i didn't know your voice was so good. >> what was i singing? >> sunshine, sunshine. >> we certainly have that today. it was chilly this morning. i was out there, i'm not sure. maybe i was shivering, maybe that was the sound you heard. a lot of folks not liking this mornings chill. if you didn't like it, you are not going to like tomorrow morning. at least for now, we have temperatures rising fairly quickly with the southwest breeze. temperatures throughout the area right now were in the upper 50s
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and low 60s already. we have a stack of 63 degree temperatures from culpeper up to d.c. 61 in leesburg. 57 degrees in kensington and montgomery village. clouds in the area. north and west over western maryland. the clouds are associated with a cold front. we are going to see a mixture of clouds and sun later today. partly sunny for the afternoon. 58 to 63 and rising a little higher and dropping big time tonight. look at that. we have a freeze launch up. how low the temperatures are going to go during the overnight and for your start saturday morning. a freeze watch already. >> come on in here. we'll see you in a few minutes. we are going to check on the traffic with danella. >> tgif? >> yes, it is. it friday. if you are about to head out of the house, our area is looking good. a great day to go get lunch and drive, just drive. if you are crossing over the key
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bridge here inbound as well as outbound. we saw road work slowing you down. the bridge looks great. let's check the american legion bridge traveling on the american legion bridge crossing over and on to the loop. nice and clear looping around to the bridge. taking the 14th street bridge making your way into the district, nice and clear. keith, back to you. >> thank you. new on news 4 midday, police are investigating a deadly shooting inside a home along village green drive. a man was shot multiple times. he was taken to the hospital where he later passed away. police are not releasing details about a suspect or motive in this case. >> today, a muslim civil liberties advocate group is going to put out ads in combat the controversial ads for israel. they are now responding to
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anti-jihad ads that went up this week in a handful of metro stations. the ads compare muslim extremists to savages. a care spokesperson hasn't said what the ads say, but they will promote mutetual understanding. >> mitt romney is getting ready for a rally in richmond. he'll speak at the supercenter in the next 30 minutes. later this evening, romney will join paul ryan at a rally in lancaster, ohio. also this evening, president obama will host a dinner for winners of a campaign contest. they are expected to visit a restaurant in the d.c. area. this is the only campaign event the president has on his schedule day. with 25 days to the election, last night's debate put a spark in the race. joe biden and paul ryan sparred over the economy, foreign affairs and abortion.
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they interrupted each other. they criticized each other after an attack in libya before they knew the facts. ryan said the attacks show the u.s. is projecting weakness. they took jabs at each other over job creation. >> i have had it up to here with the notion that 47%. it's about time they take responsibility here. >> did the come in and inherit that situation, absolutely. but we are going in the wrong direction. look where we are. the economy is barely limping along. it's growing at 1.3%. ift's slower than last year and last year is slower than the year before. >> this is the only debate for the vice presidents. promoting peace, democracy and human rights over six decades helped win this year's nobel peace prize. >> the committee decided the nobel peace price of 2012 is to
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be awarded to the european union. >> the chair of the nobel committee says the european union helped transform europe into a continent of peace. the war comes as the eu was confronting the biggest kris sis since the 1950s. the president tweeted he was deeply touched the e.u. one. >> it's ten after 11:00 now. space shuttle "endeavour" is making a final journey. we check out the slow progress from l.a.x. to the museum where it's going to be housed. >> from earth to outer space. a look at the newest discovery from nasa's rover on
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[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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today, the space shuttle "endeavour" is once again on the
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move. this time in its final journey, we think as it slowly makes its way through the streets of los angeles. tony tull joins us with a look. >> for the last 30 years people watched in awe as space shuttles blasted off into the sky. today, los angeles will get an up close look at" endeavor" comes through the streets. here is a live look at "endeavour" makes its way through the streets. it was flown to l.a. on top of a jumbo jet. after nasa retired the fleet, several shuttles were given to museums. this one will go on display at the california science museum. it almost looked like a parade as people lined the streets to see the shuttle move at 2 miles
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an hour down the streets. to prepare, the city had to cut down 400 trees and dismantle dozens of stop ligs to make sure it can squeeze on through there. the shuttle will come within inches of a building. at some point, the shuttle will arrive at the museum tomorrow evening. barbara, as for today, it's going to manchester into englewood and will take a stop at the famous l.a. landmark, randy's doughnuts. they have a special thing going on there. they'll have a space shuttle inside randy's doughnuts. for the gold star here on friday, as we are talking the space shuttle moving at 2 miles an hour, how fast does a space shuttle usually travel? >> um, let's see -- 17,500 miles per hour? >> wow, you did your homework on that one. wow? >> am i right?
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wait a minute, am i right? >> that was the right answer. you did your homework. >> wow. that was a good guess. okay. thanks so much. thank you. >> you are incredibly smart. the mars land rover curiosity made a familiar find. while testing for chemical compositions, they uncovered a rock, the first of its kind on mars. around hawaii and other pacific islands. nasa is being very careful when it comes to describing what this means. curiosity landed in august and is trying to discover if there was life on mars. the rock is the size of footballs and it contains materials used in making liquor. maybe not only if there was life on mars, they played football
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and had a happy hour. >> not a bad place to be. you would have liked it there. >> i would like it on mars. >> veronica joins us now. were you singing? >> it wasn't about the sunshine, it was how low can we go. >> you have a talent. what is that, "gangnam style"? >> we try to have fun around here. how about that? we are talking about the possibility of some of those sensitive and tender plants in your garden could get ruined tonight. the temperatures are expected to drop down into the upper 20s and mid-30s by tomorrow morning. yep, we have a freeze watch already. could be upgraded to a freeze warning. 63 degrees, the temperature. lots of sunshine. some clouds starting to sneak into the area. the wind is 13 miles per hour right now. indeed, the winds will pick up
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throughout the day today. temperatures, look what's going on here. we are in the 60s. 50s and 40s to the north. off to the west, that is where the front is, right through there. already, much cooler conditions on the north side of that front. check out the satellite and radar. there you can see the front all the way into areas of ohio down to our south and west. the moisture coming in with the next weather system that will be sliding down to the south. a bigger storm comes our way for the beginning of next week, if you are looking for rain. we are not going to get rain today with this front. the timing is about 5:00 or 6:00. we are going to get more clouds, a few more clouds. a sunny afternoon with that front. not any rain. the winds pick up. breezy and gusty for awhile until the sunsets. once the sunsets, the winds draw and plenty cold by early saturday morning under a clear sky. sunshine is on tap for saturday
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and lots of it. sunday, a few more clouds will be coming into the area with that next front that i talked about. it will bring rain through the area on monday. it will be a big weather producer for the nation saturday. we're watching this area, illinois, iowa, missouri. isolated tornadoes with severe weather coming out of the system. behind this front, again, cold. look at the freeze for saturday morning. howard county, montgomery, prince williams, loudoun county, areas to the north and west. freeze warnings for areas of new england. here we go for the afternoon. breezy sunshine takinging it up to 66 degrees now. the evening will be dropping off from the low 50s to the mid-40s. again, the wind settles and gets cold by tomorrow morning. if you are going to the game, we will be taking a look at the game forecast coming up in a couple minutes. your weekend right now from 60
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on saturday to 73 on sunday. it's mild again. we'll talk about how long this will last. >> you need blankets tonight at the game? >> blankets. >> thanks a lot. let's head to the roads to see how things are moving. >> what's the latest? >> we are moving on the roads. nice and clear. i'll give you a live look along the dulles toll. nice and clear in both directions eastbound and westbound. no issues to report. heading to the beltway, 56 miles per hour. dulles toll road to the interchange, no issues there. great travel time. barbara and keith? >> thanks. the time now is 11:20. coming up next on news 4 midday, the kensington station band joins us live in the studio. they are going perform for you. they are going to be at the potomac river jam this weekend. we'll give you a taste of what they are about.
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>> first, here is a look at what's hot on
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this weekend, you can head outdoors and enjoy live music with the family. the potomac river jam is happening sunday at the national historical park. joining us is the president of the conservatory. before we get the band in here because you brought one, tell us a little about the event. >> it fights to safeguard the potomac and the land around it through conversation vacation and advocate work. one of the ways we do that is connect more people to the wonderful natural resources. the jam is this sunday.
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it's a free all day celebration of the nation's river. >> tell us about some of the things people can expect to find there this weekend. >> it's an all day event from 9:00 to 4:00. we have lots of great sponsors like rei and several supermarkets. face painting for kids, opportunity to get out in canoes and art shows and musical performance. >> music is what we are excited about. you brought a band today? >> we did. the kensington trio. >> here they are. welcome. want to tell us who you are? >> i'm fred. >> leslie. >> jim. >> a little music now. >> great. ♪ ♪
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♪ i worked in your orchards with peachs and prunes ♪ ♪ stood on the ground from the light of your moon ♪ ♪ the edge of your city ♪ we come and we go with the wind ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i'm having too much fun with this i hate to stop you. this is fantastic. everybody can hear this on sunday. >> beautiful weather. come on out. >> thank you so much for coming. we were lucky to get you here this morning. once again, the potomac river jam is 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the national historic park. admission is free. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having us. >> time is 11:27.
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coming up next, hundreds of people were lacing up their shoes to race for the cure this weekend. we hear from some of the runners. then for those busy moms and dads, gadgets. you should see some of the stuff we have to show you. plus, a freeze watch, believe it or not, a freeze watch for parts of our area. veronica johnson will show us how low the temperature is going to go. stay with us.
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[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third
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and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. right now on news 4 midday, lose or go home for good. winner go on. gave five tonight. it comes after a night of drama at nats park. first pitch tonight, 8:37. winner moves on to meet san francisco in the national league championship series. >> you might spot a sea of pink around town. several hundred people are
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making the 60 mile trek for the three-day race for the cure. megan mcgrath has some of the stories that inspired some to make this journey. >> reporter: if you are out and about in washington this weekend, keep your eye out for the pink pedestrians out there. the susan b. komen walk got under way today. they raised money all to fight breast cancer. >> my name is gina. i'm walking for my aunt. >> i'm walking for my grandmoth grandmother, great aunt, aunt and stepmother, all survivors. >> reporter: they walked for loved ones. those who survived and for those undergoing treatment. >> my mother-in-law is fighting. my sister is fighting. it's hard. >> they walk for those who were lost like julie's mother, dor
11:33 am
thi. >> since february, the first person -- i can't. >> reporter: they walked to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. >> we can find a cure, it will be something my daughter won't have to deal with. >> reporter: it doesn't just affect women, but entire families. >> we have been touched by breast cancer several times. i lost an entire generation of my family. >> reporter: they walk. their trek 60 miles in three days. their goal, to wipe out breast cancer, a disease that affects so many lives in so many different ways. >> i think everybody you talk to, breast cancer is somewhere in their family. it's like a separation. >> reporter: it remains to be seen if a recent controversy between the komen foundation has any effect. there are 1600 walkers compared
11:34 am
to 2300 last year. in the district, megan mcgrath, news 4. turning to the weather, they have a great day to walk. a nice chill in the air out there. >> storm team 4 meteorologist, veronica johnson, how low can we go on the weather deck? >> on the weather deck, at least as for as the afternoon goes, we are going up. there could be neighborhoods that get above 66, then we are going down. the coolest readings coming up for the season so far. look around the area. we have sunshine. i usually say i don't want to be standing in the shade. i think this tree i'm under is blocking the wind. it is breezy out there. look at the numbers throughout the area now. maine avenue, kent worth, 63 degrees. in fairfax, coming in at 64 degrees. it's 60 in la play da and 61 degrees in mitchellville. take a look at the baseball forecast. again, it's a late game. with a fact that the temperatures are going to drop off with the wind.
11:35 am
it's going to be cool and breezy. watch what happens. we go from 50 degrees at game time. by 11:00 down to the upper 30s. put together this animation to watch the temperatures drop. by 3:00 a.m., down to freezing. by 7:30 in the morning, we are down around freezing, if not below from frederick, maryland to gaithersburg, culpeper. i told you the cold was coming. we'll talk more about that. the freeze watch could be upgraded to a freeze warning. >> hate to hear the word freeze. >> pull out the sweaters. get out your big coat. >> i don't have one. you gonna buy me one? >> find a big coat for you. >> pool our resources. >> check out the midday traffic. danella? >> it's a time to cal pool today. >> you should car pool every day. especially rush hour. not right now. if you are about to head out and get lunch, travel speeds look
11:36 am
nice. traveling 50 in maryland, inbound from 301 to the beltway, it's going to take eight minutes. from 50 to 95, you are at 61 miles per hour. nice there. on the outer loop in montgomery county, 56 miles per hour, nice and clear. really on the inner loop as well. back to you. >> thanks. traffic alert for riders on metro. expect delays for track work this weekend. trains will be single tracking along two sections of the red line between grovner and twin brook. metro won't start the work until after clouds clear out from the nationals game tonight. that will be late into the night. everything should be back to normal monday morning. a heads up in fairfax county, v-dot is shutting down the left hov ramp that goes to the inner loop of the beltway.
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v-dot says it needs to permanently close the ramp to finish the express lanes project. all traffic has to use the ramp to get on the beltway. the hov ramp and express lanes are scheduled to open before the new year. a 4-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after he fell from a ninth floor window. it happened along piney branch road in silver springs. a tree helped break his fall. the boy's family was home. he was taken to the hospital with a broken femur and a head injury. the wife of the man beating in eastern market for the first time came face-to-face with suspects this morning in court. the man attacked has been in the hospital since august. he's now blind in one eye and unable to walk or feed himself. last night, a business community in capitol hill announced a $10,000 trust for his family. his wife accepted the donation.
11:38 am
she talked about a safety festival being held next weekend. >> he had the heart of a greater community. this event is not only a reminder we are a member of this community, but it's a real experience for us to bond together in a way we should do every day. it should not take horrible circumstances to inentire that spirit. connie branch and sonny were in court for their preliminary hearing. the third defendant waived his hearing. the man arrested at l.a.x. for carrying a suitcase full of weapons will be in court today. the 28-year-old was arrested last week during a stopover trip from japan to boston. he was wearing a bullet proof vest under a trench coat and wore flame retardant pants and knee pads. police found smoke grenades, a hatchet and other suspicious items in his checked luggage. >> i hate losing, hate it.
11:39 am
right now, we are losing jobs and money for our schools. >> former redskins linebacker is the new face of a gambling ad. he's urging voters to check yes on question 7. it allows table games in maryland and a sixth casino to be built in prince george's county. the redskins announced their support for the measure. the debate is the most expensive in state history with more than $36 million spent on advertising. speaking of the redskins, today, we should learn if rg iii will be cleared to play against the minnesota vikings. he's had a fairly smooth recovery after suffering a concussion last sunday. there have been no set backs and rg iii took 80% of the snaps yesterday. he'll be checked out by team doctors one more time this morning before he's given the go ahead to start or told to sit out this weekend.
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>> it's 11:39 now. coming up, we get a preview of what's opening up at the box office. plus, the gadget guy joins us live for the latest
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♪ >> back in the '60s. >> at the box office, get ready for killer films and sinister ethan hawks plays a writer who movers into the home of a murder family. he finds movies of their killings. "sinister" rated "r" in theaters today. argo is based on the iran hostage. ben affleck makes the hostages act as his crew to lead them to freedom. it's rated "r." >> actor kevin james writes a check his body can't cash in "here comes the boom."
11:44 am
his school is threatening to cut extracurricular activities. he comes up with a plan to come up with money, getting his face kicked in. here comes the boom, rated pg. >> fewer people are drinking beer while apple appears to be struggling with the launch of the ipad mini. we are going to check in with cnbcs bertha coombs for the rest of the headlines. >> hi. the stocks are higher partly because of a gauge of u.s. sentiment surged from september to a five-year high in october. economic conditions are expected to be good. earnings from jp morgan encouraging investors. they set aside less money. the bank has apparently -- big loss earlier this year. for apple watchers looks like october 23rd will be the date
11:45 am
for the unveiling of the new ipad mini, according to reports, it's a week later than anticipated. some think because they are having trouble getting the components. apple orders production of a couple eight-inch tablets to compete with kindle fire and san sung galaxy. >> beer consumption is down. it is down over 10% now during the great recession. 6.3 billion gallons in 2011 that translates to roughly 28 gallons last year for americans who are of the age to drink. officials say the problem is import beer consumption is up. apparely my friends in bethesda are doing their part. delaware ranks among -- actually, that's maryland. they rank among the top ten in
11:46 am
beer consuming states. an average there, 34.3 gallons a person last year. they are doing their part. >> i think we are doing okay in this region. a lot of folks still drink beer. this time of year when the nats are doing well, there's going to be a lot of beer in the ballpark. >> exactly. >> thanks. there are several gadgets that could help make your daily life easier. steve joins us with a look at a few. hey, steve. >> thanks for having me on, appreciate it. >> i'm going to ask you to make the product. >> this is from mohen. it's a faucet to control with your hands. you block this sensor here, it runs the whole time and turns off when you stop blocking it. we have video that shows it working. it's high-tech looking and
11:47 am
decreases the spread of germs. it's great for using less water. >> this video here, ofiously, it's a kid rinsing off his apple. >> by covering up the sensor turns it on. you have a control on top as well. >> how much does this go for? >> $400, just under $400. it comes in a couple styles. next, over here is the first time we have had a sonic toothbrush and a water flosser combined into one product. it's from water pic. it works better when you add water flossing to it. >> for most people, let's get it straight, most people don't have both to begin with. if they do, they keep them in the drawer separately. >> this will help you use them both. it takes up less real estate on the counter top.
11:48 am
moving on from cleaning one end of the body to the other end of the body. >> we spoke about this one before the show. >> this is cool. it's a swash. it has a heated seat with a water jet that warms the water and blows warm air as well. it washes your underside and drys it. the water is working there. >> that can create a mess, though. >> not really. you are sitting there. 72% of japanese households have one of these in thinker homes. that's what they use. here in america, we are behind, no pun intended. >> we cross charmin and cotton el off our grocery list? >> you'll use less paper. they make an electric and non-electric investigation. >> it's a small price to pay.
11:49 am
>> it's something you are going to use every day. >> we are talking going green all the time. >> go green there as well. this is from lantronics. this gadget, you attach to your existing printer, no matter how old it is. print from your ipad or iphone from your printer. you don't have to download an app. you can print your photographs. i use it for my boarding pass. boarding pass or recipe or whatnot. print from your phone to your printer. >> you can be brushing, using your water pick, sitting on your toilet seat and printing out your airline reservation. >> multitasking experience. next, to keep track of the activity you are doing, this is a fit bit zip. this is a ter.
11:50 am
on wednesday, i did 23,000 steps according to this. the aha, american heart association recommends 10,000 steps a day. it's a good idea to keep track of your steps. >> you can know how active or inactive you are and whether you need to step it up. >> it changes my day. i'm thinking i have only done this many steps. i have to step it up. i'm a big fan of this. again, it syncs up with your cell phone. >> i'm looking at the price. >> $59. >> basically 60 bucks. >> 60 bucks. finally, to keep track of your dogs activity and where he or she is. i have gadget the wonder dog. he's wearing a tag. it's an activity tracker and gps built into it. if he should leave the house, i get a text message. >> we hear stories about people
11:51 am
losing their pets. >> you can find them on your phone or ipad or computer. >> i don't know if we have the camera that will show it. all the information is there and all the activity your dog is using. if you leave a certain area, you get a message. you can track his activity as well. you can see if you should add more activity to your dog's life. >> if i go like this, you know where this dog is? >> i could with my phone. this dog doesn't do a lot of activity. gadget is a quiet dog. for a normal dog, you want more activity. >> with the latest on the gadgets. very interesting. most of them were affordable. >> absolutely. if you want more information, go to my website go to i have a link to them. >> thanks for coming on. >> appreciate it. >> it's 11:51.
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still ahead, oprah spotted in washington. find out what the talk show host turned ceo is doing in the district. plus veronica johnson is back with a final check of the
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin
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if you thought you saw oprah around town, you weren't seeing things, oprah is in town. that tops the mcfly report today.
11:55 am
tommy mcfly is here. i like that cap. >> natitude. excited for tonight. >> tell us about oprah. >> is that oprah? no, it's not. this time it she was by the jefferson hotel. she got into two different cars. she was with military families for a taping. look at that. for her tv show. it's very cool. she came down under the radar and then got together with some -- >> she's gone now? we can't hang out and look for her? >> i'm pretty sure she's gone. >> i know somebody who had dinner there. they said it was quiet. >> she's stealthy. for as famous as she is to get in and out, good people. >> we need to talk about lindsay lohan. >> what is there not to say.
11:56 am
there's been recordings of a fight with her and her mom. then the dad says her mom was on drugs. dina says her dad is doing other things. lindsay is supporting her mom all this time. it seems like something you would see on a jerry springer show. but, they are famous. >> who is in charge there? >> i don't think anyone is in charge. there is like no one keeping track or keeping responsibility there. >> let's move on to another famous daughter, the daughter of whitney houston. >> houston on our own. this is her reality show. she's engaged to her brother. it's the gentleman that whitney almost took in growing up. >> they are not really related? >> no but they grew up together so it makes it weird. she's engaged to her brother is
11:57 am
the story in the headlines. >> that's not really true. you are going to the game tonight? >> i am. i found out 30 minutes ago i had tickets to the game. i am so excited. 8:37 is the first pitch. >> are you standing up in. >> i don't know. >> tweet us some pictures. thanks a lot. keith? >> a look at the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse is in the news room with the preview. actually, she's not in the news room. i'll tell you what's coming up. we'll be live from nats park as baseball fans gear up with the game against the reds. a dirty chimney can be dangerous but hiring the wrong people to clean can leave you burned. an investigation you don't want to miss. plus, a woman is grabbed and attacked walking down a popular
11:58 am
street in virginia overnight. the latest on the attack at 5:00. >> five seconds to tell us what's going on. >> no seven day. we'll get a retreat from the cold on sunday. tomorrow morning is going to be cold. folks going to the game and when the game lets out, make sure you have enough layers ready go. >> any rain this weekend? >> no rain. from 60 to 74. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> thanks for watching news 4 midday. check out the news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> we'll be back monday. have a terrific weekend. see you monday.
11:59 am
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